uGroup Leader

Their role

Jesus has called each of us to become beacons of inspiration by showing others what it means to follow Christ. At the heart of this divine calling lies the pivotal role of the uGroup leader. They are the driving force behind the dynamic culture of Unite180. They passionately pursue Jesus and live to make Him known to the world.

Roles, responsibility and requirements

uGroup leaders are specifically focused on the spiritual growth of uGroup members. They facilitate uGroups on Wednesday evenings, volunteer at our Sunday Worship Experiences and nurture deep connections with their members. We don’t prescribe topics for uGroups but offer our uGroup leaders the opportunity to hear from God and facilitate a discussion around His Word. A uGroup Leader is not a preacher, theologian, life coach, therapist, business, or financial advisor. Instead, they embody our standard for discipleship: being baptised in water, speaking in tongues and understanding God’s Word  by completing the Homerun series. They are empowered through the gifts of the Holy Spirit to serve others well.  Our entire leadership team abstains from alcohol as an example of our commitment to God’s call. 

Leadership development

To equip our uGroup leaders, they are exposed to regular training sessions. This includes  monthly leadership development meetings, weekly training sessions, and ongoing exposure to the senior leadership of the church.

Imperfect yet authentic, uGroup leaders offer a glimpse into the practicality of living out Christianity in everyday life. Get connected to a uGroup leader by joining a uGroup in a house near you.

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