What is a uGroup?

Step into the life changing experience uGroups have to offer.

Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM, hosted in a house near you, uGroup gatherings ignite the hearts of the uGroup members. It is a place where you get to experience Jesus through His Word, worship and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It’s a vibrant environment where your relationship with God can flourish alongside fellow believers. Through uGroups you are connected to a dedicated uGroup leader that is committed to your spiritual growth. 

Types of uGroups? 

PRE-TEEN uGroups:

Our dynamic online Pre-teen uGroups cater to children aged 12-15.  They provide a nurturing and engaging environment where young hearts can enthusiastically learn about God’s boundless love and how to live a life fully dedicated to Him. Handpicked by our pastors, our pre-teen leaders actively engage with parents to ensure each child’s spiritual growth is cultivated with care and intention.


Led by passionate uGroup leaders, our standard uGroups offer physical gatherings based on your age group, location, and language preference. These uGroups are available for all walks of life and finding your fit has never been so easy.   At Unite180, we believe in unlocking the inherent potential within each person.  As such, our uGroups are meticulously designed to focus on the individual’s growth within Unite180.

ONLINE uGroups:

Our expansive network of online uGroups spans South Africa and beyond. These uGroups are available for members who live in areas which doesn’t have physical uGroups nearby.  Led by dedicated online leaders, these gatherings transcend geographical boundaries, uniting members in shared spiritual experiences and meaningful fellowship.

Why join a uGroup?

For over a decade, uGroups have served as catalysts for profound personal and spiritual growth. We have witnessed countless inspiring testimonies of breakthroughs and healings that have unfolded within our uGroups. It’s more than just a Wednesday night gathering. It’s an invitation to include Jesus in your daily walk.

If you’re seeking an enriching environment to thrive in, look no further than uGroups.

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