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a word

We live in a world where various voices surround us and influence our ability to recognize God’s voice.

 In the absence of God speaking into our lives, we sometimes allow the wrong voices to influence our behavior. As we elevate the needs and desires of the flesh above the voice of God, we will be persuaded to believe everything that is not true. We need one another in the body of Christ as we learn to discern the voice of God. 

Often we expect God to speak to us in a way that suits our comfort, but God also speaks through His prophets. As we receive the prophecies of God, we should continue to seek God’s will and practice His word. God’s church is vital to our walk with Him, for the enemy attacks those isolated from the group of believers. God speaks through people as much as He speaks to us individually, and He desires all people to hear His word and apply it to their lives (Rom. 10:14).

Our desire to hear from God directly shouldn’t remove the power of prophecy through God’s prophets. God sent those who have the grace to preach His word, and if we can’t hear the preaching, we will not be able to prosper (2 Chron. 20:20).

This blog comes from the sermon titled “A Word” by David Grobler