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Going through life, we will often face mountains and challenges that will question our ability. The mountains we are opposing cause us to doubt God’s call on our life and keep us from walking in divine purpose. God has promised us that He will not only give us the ability to climb our mountains but overcome these mountains opposing us.

As David entered the battle against Goliath, armed only with a slingshot and five smooth stones, he didn’t rely on his physical ability, nor his father’s or brother’s opinion, but only on God (1 Sam. 17:50). We cannot overcome our giants or mountains by fighting the battle with our physical ability. 

The things we are facing in life will always seem stronger and more significant than our ability (1 Sam. 17:5). The enemy will often persuade us to believe that he will rise victorious standing between us and our promises (1 Sam. 17:9). Still, as we go through the difficult circumstances in life, we should hold on to God’s promises, for it should not outweigh His love for us. 

We shouldn’t fight our battles by reasoning with our natural ability if we are able. God gave each one of us a promise, and He will provide us with the ability to claim and reign over what is rightfully ours. It’s not by our ability but by God’s command that we will overcome our mountains.

This blog comes from the sermon titled “Able” by David Grobler