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Abraham & Lot

It is easy to become discouraged in the world today, but our mindset should be aligned with a place where our faith is steadfastly positioned in the Word. God’s people are blessed, and we lack nothing. The world, often looks with animosity upon Christians, measuring our blessing based on temporary circumstantial evidence. In the story of Abraham and Lot, Lot was more concerned about what he could see, and what he could own than God’s perspective on the matter. This proved to be a very shortsighted decision. Abraham who chose by faith, received abundantly more than Lot, who pursued the blessing despite God. 

Abraham teaches us another valuable lesson, that it is important whom we connect ourselves with. Even when we are blessed, the purpose is always connected to others around us, to ultimately be a blessing to others. When Abraham leaves Lot, he does not leave without ensuring that his decisions are also beneficial to Lot. To be greater in the Kingdom, we have to be willing to be the servant of others (Matt. 20:26). Our service and our giving are both a reflection of our love. 

The purpose is not to attain, and gather up as much as possible, but rather than our ability to become stewards of what we have for the benefit of the Kingdom. Through all these things that comes our way, it should bring us closer to God, and not pull us further away from His plan.

God doesn’t give you things so you can pile them up or because you deserve to receive it. 

Even if you feel like you are in unfavorable circumstances right now, trust that God can give you favor. Like Abraham, that whatever land you get, can be blessed by God. Choose to choose with faith, not relying on the limited capacity of what we can see.