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By the work of the Holy Spirit in and through us, we are anointed to be set apart for the divine use and purpose for the call of God on our lives. We cannot stand in divine purpose without God’s anointing working through us. God’s anointing on us allows the Holy Spirit to reflect the authenticity of God through us. 

God desires to have a close personal relationship with us, and as He anoints us, He alone appoints us to rule and reign in Godly positions. God does not look at the appearance of men to pour His anointing out over us. He instructed Samuel to go to Jesse’s house and appoint and anoint David to be king in the presence of his brothers. 

We cannot pretend to have the anointing of God. Our hearts qualify or disqualify us from receiving and carrying God’s anointing, and He will resist to anoint us when our hearts are far from Him.

his blog comes from the sermon titled “Anointed” by David Grobler