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In a world filled with distractions and competing priorities, the call to keep Christ at the centre of our lives is both a profound challenge and a transformative invitation. Placing Christ at the centre means making Him the focal point of our thoughts, actions, and aspirations.

Christ in the centre signifies more than a religious notion; it’s an intimate relationship. Just as the earth revolves around the sun, our lives find their purpose and meaning when they revolve around Christ. This relationship involves constant communion through prayer, reflection on His Word, and an unwavering commitment to follow His teachings.

When Christ is at the centre, our lives take on a new rhythm. Every decision, whether significant or seemingly mundane, is influenced by His love and wisdom. The concept of Christ in the centre encourages balance in our lives. It’s a reminder that our work, relationships, and personal pursuits are all subject to His lordship.

Life is rife with challenges, and during these times, the significance of having Christ in the centre becomes most apparent. When we face adversity, He becomes our anchor, providing strength, comfort, and a steady hand to guide us through the storms of life.

Keeping Christ at the centre is an intentional and transformative choice in a world where various forces contend for our attention. It’s an ongoing journey of faith, where every step brings us closer to Him. As we centre our lives around Christ, we discover a depth of purpose, joy, and fulfilment that transcends the transient concerns of this world. May Christ always be at the centre of our hearts, guiding us in every aspect of our lives.