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The story of Jesus unfolds through various lenses, weaving a narrative that invites us to receive the Good News with open hearts. By delving into Scripture, we discover diverse ways of encountering Jesus and the pivotal question of how we respond to this life-transforming message.

In Matthew 13, we witness the familiarity and scepticism surrounding Jesus in his hometown. Despite growing up among them, the people struggled to accept Him as the Messiah, reminding us that the ones closest to us sometimes find it challenging to recognise the divine in our midst.

Luke 1 introduces us to the stories of Zechariah and Mary, individuals chosen to play integral roles in the unfolding drama of Jesus’ arrival. Their encounters with the divine were marked by angelic visitations, emphasising the role of messengers in delivering the Good News. Similarly, we, too, may receive messages through various channels, be it through people, divine interventions, or even the unexpected.

As we reflect on Matthew 2, the journey of the Magi unfolds. Guided by a celestial sign, they embarked on a quest to find the newborn King. Their story illustrates that the revelation of Jesus is not confined to a single path but may be illuminated through unconventional means, like a star in the night sky.

In the grand narrative of the Gospel, we discover that we all hear about Jesus through different avenues—angels, prophets, people, priests, and even signs in the heavens. It’s a symphony of revelation, each note contributing to the melody of the Good News. However, the reception of this message is not always easy, and we might not always like what we hear.

Luke 2 takes us to the humble setting of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem. Here, we see that the message of Jesus is not reserved for the grandeur but is accessible to all, irrespective of their circumstances. It invites us to ponder how we, too, can find Jesus in the simplicity of life.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how you hear about Jesus or the quality of the message; your response matters. Just as diverse messengers brought the Good News to different people, our individual encounters with Jesus may vary. Yet, the crux lies in our response—do we believe?