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Every church is meant to bear fruit. But what constitutes this fruit? Each congregation has a specific function, existing for a distinct purpose within God’s grand design.

Discipleship extends beyond the mission to win the lost; it involves living out our Christian faith in the context of community. Acts 2 captures the essence of the Church’s birth, emphasising the communal nature of Christianity. The New Testament consistently portrays Christianity as a shared experience within a community.

In 1 Corinthians 12, the analogy of the body underscores the interconnectedness of believers. Each individual is a vital part of the larger body, and without purposeful engagement in the community, one remains without purpose. James 4 warns against friendship with the world, urging believers to align their lives with the principles of God’s Kingdom. Romans 12 calls for a living sacrifice, encouraging a holistic dedication of our lives to God.

The Church, with its local and universal dimensions, plays a vital role in God’s plan. Each local body has a unique purpose, and discipleship involves not only winning the lost but also actively participating in a community where individuals serve, grow, and live out their faith. As we align ourselves with God’s purposes and engage in meaningful discipleship, we discover the richness and depth of our calling as members of the body of Christ.