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God created each of us as sons and daughters to function within the Body of Christ. Therefore, we do not just belong to God but to one another, and it is important that we do not live in isolation because our actions are connected to the greater purpose of the body of Christ. 

The Bible teaches us that God’s blessing is upon two or more who stand in agreement so that nothing will harm the body of Christ. Thus, God did not only speak to Saul to get him saved, but He went to Ananias to ensure that there is an agreement. 

God could go to Saul and immediately appoint and anoint him for ministry, but He sent Saul to Ananias first. The body of Christ in agreement enables God’s blessing to flow in and through our lives. If our actions may affect the body of Christ, God will speak to someone close to His heart and in leadership for confirmation. God has appointed leadership above us that will help and lead us through decisions and life. When we stand in agreement with one another, we stand in agreement with the body of Christ. 

This blog comes from the sermon titled “Confirm” by David Grobler