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cost of understanding

The Bible teaches us that we should seek understanding before all other things, and it is our responsibility to meditate on God’s word and understand the deep secrets of God. God reveals His secrets to those who long and thirst to understand His Kingdom. 

The Word of God is the truth on which we build our lives, but there is a cost to understanding these principles of the Kingdom. . What will it profit us as Christians to hear and study the word of God without any understanding? Nothing in life is as valuable as understanding how to apply the wisdom and knowledge of the Bible to our daily lives. 

The more we spend time studying the word of God, the more we will get an understanding of the things of God. Although there is a price to understand, Scripture still teaches us that we need to seek God’s Kingdom as sons and daughters of the highest King. Therefore, the reward for understanding the Kingdom of God exceeds all-natural understanding, and to receive it, we only have to be willing to pay the price. 

This blog comes from the sermon titled “Cost of Understanding” by David Grobler