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The story of Joseph, as found in Genesis 37, unfolds the life of a young man marked by a coat that speaks of his calling. The mark of God on your life will often attract both adversity and the opinions of others. Joseph’s journey teaches us an important lesson: no matter your challenges and rejections, never take off the coat of your calling.

It’s essential to recognise that a failed life or past mistakes should never convince you that God can’t work something extraordinary through your life. Sometimes, God has to blind our eyes, like He did with Saul, to open Paul’s eyes for true revelation.

Joseph, while wearing his coat, had not yet become the substance he needed to be. He was not yet bearing fruit. This is the peculiarity of God’s timing in our lives. The coat he wore symbolised a prophetic declaration of his future.

Dreams often come involuntarily, but they are powerful guides. As Psalm 37:4 suggests, the dream within you tells you that the pit you may find yourself in is not your final destination. It’s a reminder that your dreams reveal God’s purpose for your life.

In our journeys, we are not meant to constantly remind others of the hardships but to remind them of how good God is. Even in the pit, you’re forced to look up, and that’s where you find hope. God often needs to break our arrogance before He can use us. In moments of humility and surrender, we become vessels for His extraordinary plans.

Joseph’s story is a testament to the resilience of a dreamer who faced countless challenges and emerged as a powerful instrument of God’s will.