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dry places

We are created in God’s image, and as we build relationship with Him, we have direct access to the Holy Spirit. God’s flow produces life, and He is the living water that brings life to dry places. 

Too often, the move of the Holy Spirit has been replaced by man’s plans and agendas. As we pursue to have and build a relationship with God, we should not allow the desires of the flesh to lead us to an empty brook and stop us from experiencing the flow of the Holy Spirit.

We should allow the Holy Spirit to flow freely in and through our lives, for He will lead us through dry places showing us the way to life and life abundantly. As we live a surrendered life unto God, His Spirit desires to move upon us and baptize us with power.

As we call out to God in dry places, God will cause living water to flow through us, for He will show us the way through the desert place. We should trust in Him and know that the Spirit of God will never leave nor forsake us and desires to move upon us through every season.

This blog comes from the sermon titled “Dry Places” by David Grobler