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Expensive Stuff

The Holy Spirit anoints us for God’s appointed position, and as we grow closer to Him, His power lives through us. As Christians, we need to build a close relationship with the Holy Spirit to receive the anointing of God.

The Holy Spirit within us is for our salvation, and the Spirit upon us is for the work of ministry. God has an appointment for those He wants to anoint and set apart for service, and by the laying on of hands, we will receive power as the Spirit of God comes upon us.

God appoints us to different positions within the body of Christ, and the laying on of hands is a personal and public manifestation to submit. We receive the Holy Spirit through people, and if the devil succeeds in bringing division between one another, the Holy Spirit cannot fulfil His purpose within the body. 

There is a cost to have the anointing of God, but we cannot buy it with money or gifts. If our hearts are far from God, we will not have the flow of God’s anointing upon us. The anointing of the Holy Spirit overflows in and through our lives when we align our hearts with God’s.

This blog comes from the sermon titled “Expensive Stuff” by David Grobler