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As Christians, we should not forget God. Yet sometimes we stumble and fall and experience overwhelming emotions of fear because we have possibly forgotten the things God has done for us. 

According to Scripture, God not only forgives our sins, but He forgets and casts them into the deepest of oceans, but God will never forget what He has promised. Therefore, we should cast our eyes on the Lord and keep our focus on Him because we can easily get caught up in the chaos and things of this world that will make us forget what God has done for us. 

The further we drift away from the presence of the Lord, the hardened our hearts will be, and we will start to rely on our own doings and forget God. As a result, our provision will always fall short of the things God can and wants to do for us. Therefore, we should always keep our hearts aligned with the perfect will of God to avoid our hearts being hardened. 

This blog comes from the sermon titled “Forget” by David Grobler