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Just as a soldier trains diligently before entering the battlefield, so too must we invest in spiritual discipline and preparation. We are called to embrace the reality of spiritual warfare, understanding that life is lived from battle to battle.

Genesis 3:1 reminds us of the cunning nature of the enemy. The serpent’s deception serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the adversary’s relentless pursuit to ensnare and destroy. But armed with the truth of God’s Word, we can stand firm against his schemes.

Our fight extends beyond earthly conflicts; it is a battle for eternity. John 10:10 reminds us of the enemy’s desire to steal, kill, and destroy, but Christ offers abundant life to those who trust in Him. Our ultimate victory hinges on knowing God intimately and surrendering our lives to His will.

Yet, God’s work in our lives goes beyond mere outward displays of religion. He is after our hearts, our character, and our innermost being. Just as He moulded David and Joseph through unseen battles, He shapes us little by little, preparing us for the challenges ahead. Like David, we may face battles unknown to others—internal struggles that test our faith and resilience. But it is in these hidden skirmishes that God refines our character and strengthens our resolve.

We must recognise that growth is a gradual process. Just as a child matures physically before assuming the responsibilities of parenthood, so too must we mature spiritually before stepping into our God-given destinies.

As we journey from battle to battle, let us lean on God’s grace to sustain us. With His strength, we can endure what lies ahead, trusting that He who began a good work in us will bring it to completion.