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The words in Deuteronomy, “Who can stand against the sons of Anak?”, echo in our lives today:

How can we stand against that which stands against us? We all encounter giants in our lives, but how can we overcome them? 

You have a promise that God is calling you towards: A life in Him, a life of abundance! But as you pursue the promises of God, things will oppose you that are bigger and stronger than you, like the giants in Numbers 13. In the natural, it will be impossible to overcome these “giants” in your life alone. You cannot have victory unless your faith is bigger than your giant; for Jesus said, “everything is possible for someone who believes” (Mark 9:23). 

We learn from Caleb’s faith in this story, for he saw the giants and still called out “We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it!” While the other Israelites were overcome by fear; Caleb had the Spirit of God which changed the way he saw the giants and himself. As you journey with God and allow Him to change the filter through which you view the world, you will start walking by faith and not by sight.  

Believe that when God is with you, you can take on those giants. And as you conquer the problems and the struggles in your life (which would be impossible to conquer in your own natural ability), you are testifying and saying to world around you, “This is the goodness of God in my life!”