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Our relationship with God reveals the human tendency to question why God places something within reach but seemingly out of grasp. It’s as if we’re grasping at the steering wheel while God is the one driving. Often, we anxiously look for signs that things will work out, seeking assurances.

The parable of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:12–32 highlights a common human trait—entitlement. Are we asking God for things we believe we inherently deserve? The intrinsic value of our inheritance in the Kingdom of God far outweighs material possessions. Yet we sometimes leave the richness of the Kingdom for earthly pursuits, ignoring Matthew 6:33’s wisdom.

The story of Mary and Martha, as well as that of Esau and Jacob, offers insights into our relationship with God. Esau’s immediate hunger led him to trade his birthright. Are we similarly impatient, waiting for God’s promises? It hinges on our belief in God’s existence and goodness. Our navigation of life’s challenges is grounded in what we deem as real.

Mark 11:24 reminds us of the gap between releasing and receiving. How many times have we forced relationships or outcomes just before God’s perfect timing? Trust in God’s goodness is key; His good far surpasses our own understanding.

God’s ability to say “no” is a sign of our submission to Him. We must recognise that nothing we do can outperform His divine plan. God never withholds what is genuinely good for us, and it’s a matter of tasting and experiencing His goodness firsthand.