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Stagnancy in our Christian walk can leave us vulnerable to life’s challenges. Responsibility becomes a sign of our spiritual maturity — mature individuals are characterised by discipline, distinguishing them from spiritual children. In our pursuit of the things of God, humility is paramount. Age, whether in the physical or spiritual realm, is not the sole indicator of maturity.

Discipline is the catalyst for maturity, empowering us to speak confidently to the mountains in our lives. Consider the biblical narrative of David facing Goliath — a powerful illustration of someone who conquered seemingly insurmountable challenges in partnership with God. Jesus teaches us the same principle in Matthew, encouraging us to speak to our mountains.

James 1 sheds light on the purpose behind testing our faith and emphasises the need for action in our faith. Mere hearing is not enough; we must be doers of the Word. James 2 reinforces this idea, clarifying that deeds don’t save us; instead, our salvation compels us to demonstrate our faith through actions. The journey of growing up in faith is a transformative process. Instead of causing us to slow down, challenges are growth opportunities, leading us toward maturity.

Growing up in faith requires humility, discipline, and a willingness to confront challenges head-on. By confidently speaking to our mountains, taking on responsibilities, and being active in our faith, we move toward the maturity God desires for us.