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In the book of Acts, the power of God was poured out in the upper room when the people were gathered with one accord. We are the body of Christ; therefore, we need to stand in unity. 

The Bible is our defensive weapon when things get thrown at us in life. We need to know the Word of God; otherwise, it is like showing up unarmed to a fight.

God speaks to us individually, saves, and teaches us individually, but it benefits no one if it stays at individuality. Paul was led by the hand and prayed for by another person. If Paul had thought that he didn’t need the church, he would have stayed blind. We need to be careful that our offense doesn’t keep us blind.

When Jesus appeared to the other disciples, Thomas wasn’t there. The disciple who wasn’t in accordance with the rest didn’t get the revelation. Jesus didn’t go where Thomas was; He went to where the disciples were gathered. Revelation was received through participation. 

There is value and covering in the collective. We should strive to be in the room where there is corporate anointing. John 3:16 says that God so loved the world, not just an individual. Believers are added to the kingdom because other believers preach the word. Without the body of Christ being in one accord, there is no Glory of God on us.

This blog comes from the sermon titled “One Two One” by David Grobler