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Half truths part 2

God doesn’t hide the truth in lies. A half-truth is a cunning method of deception with just enough truth to be convincing. The devil doesn’t come to you with a lie; he takes the scripture and twists it so that you can believe half of it. 

It is important for us to discern truth. We can’t selectively pick truths to build our own version of it. When you stand between two truths, you have to know the only truth, otherwise, you will be deceived. We cannot negotiate truth. Jesus is the way the truth and the life. 

Unless the source is from God, things can be factual but not true. We have been given the gift of discernment of spirits and need the Holy Spirit to help us get annoyed with what is not God. There is a spirit of truth, Who is God. 

We can’t allow ourselves to have a half-truth. Sometimes it can manifest like you are filled with the Holy Spirit but not be filled. You cannot know the truth but choose to still live the lie. God will never leave you in your sin.

We cannot decide to believe some half-truths for the sake of convenience. Anything that is spiritual, but not God is demonic. God will not bless double mindedness. If you claim to be without sin, the truth is not in you. We must also love in truth; it should be authentic.The Word of God is sharper than any double-edged sword. Scripture is God-breathed and not a matter of our interpretation. Therefore, God’s Word should cut off what is not from God so that our lifestyle can be more aligned with God and our truth be more accurate

This blog comes from the sermon titled “Half Truths Part 2” by David Grobler