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He Wept

As we process the difficulty of tough seasons, we can often feel despondent, especially since we often feel like we are losing control. Difficult seasons are also challenging to interpret, to understand, and to make sense of. 

God’s ways are beyond human understanding (Is. 55:8-9). He has a divine plan with your life, and despite the seasons where this goodness is not seen experientially in the moment, we have to maintain perspective that He is still in control. 

At the empty tomb of Lazarus, Jesus wept (Jn. 11:35). The women were weeping because of the Lazarus illness, Jesus is weeping because of the people not understanding. Similarly, we often weep about things God has full control of, while not realizing He is aware of our lack of understanding. 

The greater crisis is not what we are facing or going through; it is if we are in right standing with God. Do we believe that God is in control, or are we weeping because we fear for the day after tomorrow?

Our circumstances should not distract us from the message of the cross. The cross purchased our eternity, hope in the chaos and light in the darkness, and even if you can’t see it now, lean towards faith and the promises of His word.

This blog comes from the sermon titled
“He Wept” by David Grobler