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Honor is of great importance to God, and the next season of our life is connected to our acts of honor. We do not honor God less as we honor those around us. God wants us to show honor to our brothers and sisters in Christ, and as we show honor to one another, the doors of promotion will open in the next season of our lives. 

As Christians, God should be the center of our life, and everything we do should be honorable unto Him. If God is not the foundation on which we build our life, we do not only act in disbelieve for what He can do through and for us, but in our actions, we are dishonorable to Him. Our faith in God allows us to function in mighty works, giving Him all the honor and glory. When we eliminate God from the equation, our mighty works turn into dishonorable acts of fleshly aspirations. 

God places a calling on each of our lives and being dishonorable towards His commands disables the door to promotion to open in the next season of our lives. Honor attracts God’s attention, and the weight we assign to one another is a representation of the presence of God in our lives.

This blog comes from the sermon titled “Honor” by David Grobler