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In Seed Form

Whenever God wants to do something in your life, He will often give it to you in seed form. In the Parable of the Sower, the Word of God is likened to seed (Mark 4:1-20). The parable shows that the seed remains the same, but the terrain changes. In the same way, the Word of God does not change to suit the person who hears it. 

God gives every person the opportunity to hear the same Word, but that Word does not necessarily produce something in the Christian’s life. For some, the Word can produce as much as a hundredfold! But for others, the Word doesn’t even move them. We don’t always realise what the Word of God can produce in our lives; we disregard the seed, because we only see the immediate need and not the potential. 

We also need to realise that everything we do is a seed. Scripture says, “Do everything as if unto the Lord” (Colossians 3:23). We should have an overflow of seed (in the form of kindness, work ethic, integrity, honour, etc.) and scatter it everywhere. And although it might not produce something in every area, when it does produce a harvest, the harvest is so big that it outweighs any “loss”. 

We must understand that when we sow a seed that it isn’t our responsibility to produce something from it. It leaves our hand, but God sees it and He will take that seed and produce something with it. We sow it by faith, and we trust that God will bring a thirty, sixty, hundredfold yield in our lives.

This blog comes from the sermon titled “In Seed Form” by David Grobler