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Just Because

Following Christ requires us to put God first above all our wants and desires. By denying ourselves, we allow God to enter our life and show us a better way to live. 

By taking up our cross, the self-righteousness in us needs to die for us to live in the full benefit of following Christ. Our commitment to God means taking up our cross daily, seeking His will and desires for our life, and sacrificing things that impact our lives. The things God wants for us are the things we ultimately need to succeed, for He will fill us with His word for the calling on our life.  

The moment we deny our humanity by walking in our counsel, we are robbing God of His glory. The plans God has for us are good and prosperous, and His ways are higher than our ways even though it doesn’t make sense. We shouldn’t trust God because it makes sense. He alone is God, and He has already overcome the battle.

Through daily self-denial and crucifying the flesh, our life in Christ grows, strengthens, and develops, and through our feebleness, the power and glory of God will continue to shine through. We should be obedient to His voice leading and guiding us to a better life. 

This blog comes from the sermon titled “Just Because” by David Grobler