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If you look to your circumstances through your perspective or God’s perspective will determine the outcome of your situation. God will always shine light onto the path to the future for God’s very presence is light, and to anyone who desires guidance from Him, He will guide and lead you in the right direction.

In the troubled seasons, we need the light of Jesus Christ to show us the way forward (Ps. 119:105). The light itself will not save you, it’s what the light reveals to you that will save you, for it allows you to see the obstacles in the way. While troubleshooting problems, you need light to see what is wrong for the light will cause you to see what you previously did not see. 

The word of God gives light, and as you allow God’s word into your heart through diligent study and constant meditation (Josh. 1:8), your heart is flooded with the light of God so that you may know the steps to take for the entrance of God’s Word gives light and brings understanding to the simple (Ps. 119:130). The word of God enlightens your understanding to provide you with knowledge and wisdom to troubleshoot your problems. 

Through God’s word, He helps you see life through a different perspective, and it gives us direction in life. God wants to give light to every person. He wants to light up our minds with the truth of who He is and His next step for our lives so that we can be a light for the world, a people that cannot be hidden (Matt. 5:14).

This blog comes from the sermon titled
“Light” by David Grobler