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The Bible always refers to an individual as part of the collective. We all form part of God’s kingdom, and each one of us needs the body of Christ. The church strengthens the believers, and if you are not part of the church, you are missing out on what the body has to offer. 

As Christians, we are ambassadors of God’s kingdom, representing heaven on earth, and every time we do not form part of the church, we are standing outside of what God is building for God is building His authority of heaven on earth through the building of His church. 

If we are implying that we do not need the body of Christ, we are not applying Christ to our lives. As we come into the church, we sometimes imagine that there will be no problems, no conflicts, and no frustrations among the body of Christ. But we forget that we are a collective of flawed people, still burdened by our imperfections, failures, and sins. Because of our flaws and faults, we need the church of God by supporting each other. As Christians, we are disciples forming part of the collective of God, His church, for where there is unity, there is a blessing. 

God’s kingdom covers all of heaven and earth, and within His church, He appoints leadership for the benefit of the body of Christ, and when there is order in the body of Christ, miracles follow. It’s within God’s church that you will get to know God and his purposes for your life. 

This blog comes from the sermon titled “Local Church” by David Grobler