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The apostle John, often referred to as the apostle of love, brings to light the profound significance of love in our relationship with God. In his writings, particularly in John 3:16, he anchors the core of his message in the boundless love of God. He paints a picture of love that goes beyond mere professions; it is revealed through expression and action.

John’s words challenge us to ponder our own connection with God. Do we understand that we are loved by God? Do we perceive our relationship with Him as that of a master and servant or as a loving Father and His child? The answer lies in how we express our love for Him.

Love is not merely a feeling; it’s a conscious decision. His profound love for Jesus influenced every decision John made. In the same way, we get to choose to love God with our whole heart, soul, and understanding. It’s a decision that manifests in our actions. As Jesus Himself said, “By your love for one another, they will know you are my disciples.” Love isn’t just something to be professed; it’s something to be demonstrated through our deeds.

When we love God, we reflect His nature, for God’s essence is love. We are made in His likeness; therefore, love should be our nature, too. By expressing love through our actions, we mirror the nature of God, and it becomes our primary way to reflect His love to the world. Just like John, may we choose to love God in all that we do, allowing His love to shine through us and touch the lives of those around us.