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In the tapestry of our faith, an unwavering command echoes through the scriptures: to love God and our neighbour. Yet, as portrayed in the Bible, love is not a mere feeling; it’s a decision. How can God command us to love if it were purely a sentiment? The answer lies in the profound truth that to love is a decision, an intentional choice that transcends emotions.

The narrative in Luke 7 unravels a powerful illustration of love in action. A woman, moved by a deep sense of devotion, poured out fragrant oil and washed Jesus’ feet with her hair. Her actions were not just an expression of love but a visible demonstration of the depth of her commitment. This poignant scene challenges us to consider how we express our love. Is our love visible, or is it confined to mere words?

The scriptures beckon us to go beyond the surface, reminding us that what is in our hearts often finds expression in our actions. It prompts us to check our hearts, questioning our perspectives and perceptions of those around us. Our love should extend beyond the boundaries of personal preferences, honouring people not because of who they are or what they have done but because we carry a spirit of honour.

So, let us ask ourselves: How do we display our love? Are our actions reflective of the love we claim to have in our hearts? In a world hungry for genuine expressions of love, may our lives become a living testament to the transformative power of love—a love that decides to honour, uplift, and demonstrate compassion in both words and deeds.