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In the journey of faith, not every aspect aligns simultaneously. There’s a process, an unfolding narrative that requires our active participation—this is the essence of maintaining the miracle. Mark 8:22 introduces the idea that change is often a prerequisite for the miraculous.

Many miss out on profound experiences of God because they resist change. Your willingness to change, to let go of the familiar, is intricately connected to maintaining the miracle. Consider the man in Mark 8:22; he had to be led out of town for the miracle to unfold. What ‘town’ are you in that hinders the miraculous in your life?

The conundrum often lies in the fact that we desire the miraculous while simultaneously wanting to remain unchanged. However, the process requires a shedding of the old, a departure from the comfort of the familiar. The miracle begins when we yield to change.

God’s healing and deliverance are contingent on our acknowledgement of dysfunction. The miracle is only possible if we recognise and address the issues. God tends to offend what stands in the way of the miraculous. It’s not about criticising but rather about actively participating in what God is doing.

The key is perseverance. Many abandon the miracle before it’s fully realised. Like Noah, persist in the process, for in it, you’ll find grace. In the journey of faith, maintaining the miracle is not about standing still but continually stepping into the new, even when it requires uncomfortable change.