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no loopholes

We have all experienced hardships or went through difficult seasons in life, and as Christians, we often can get impatient, thinking that at a snap of our fingers God will erase or eliminate all our problems. The Bible teaches us about God’s faithfulness, and as we go through times not feeling or experiencing God’s presence, we should believe that God is busy forming and shaping our character, while remaining faithful in the process. 

Throughout the New Testament, we see Jesus performing different miracles, and as we pray for a miracle for our circumstances, we require to have faith. But a miracle is not a loophole out of our problems. We would often pray for miracles thinking it is our shortcut or a fast pass to get through challenges, but a loophole robs us of understanding and learning to mature in our walk with God. 

Of course, we should pray for miracles and lean on God for a breakthrough, but we are vessels for God so that the Holy Spirit can move through us, and not only for us. Miracles should not only take place in our lives but through us for others and the glorification of the body of Christ. Along the line, God is shaping us through every hardship, and a loophole will make us skip the process leaving us unqualified for the next level or season in life.

This blog comes from the sermon titled “No Loopholes” by David Grobler