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The Biblical definition of perfection is to be mature and connected to God. As we mature as Christians, our circumstances and surroundings should not affect our faith in God, for we should grow into the promises God has for His church.

The church’s purpose and function is to elevate the one who died on the cross, Jesus Christ. As we build the church on the earth, God’s desires are for all Christians to mature and function as one in the body of Christ for the glorification of His kingdom. It will become easier for us to carry our calling’s responsibility as we mature in Christ and learn to withstand the difficult seasons of life.

God called us to perfection as mature, complete Christians with integrity, and as we grow in our relationship with God, our speech and walk changes, and our function shifts from our selfish ambitions to be the voice of God in this world. We are purposed to stand out, and as we mature, our thinking and reasoning align with the will of God (1 Cor. 13:11).

We will never reach a place of complete perfection (Hew. 6:1), but as we grow and learn our way through life, we should continue to pursue becoming more like Christ every day (Phil 3:12).

This blog comes from the sermon titled “Perfect” by David Grobler