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presence (part 2)

To know the God better we must discern the outpouring of His presence in our lives. The Church of God can’t function without God’s presence, and when we get comfortable in His presence, we will not grow in our relationship with Him. 

God commanded Moses to build the Ark of the Covenant as a dwelling place for His presence (Ex. 25:10), and in His presence, they met with God (Ex. 25:22). In God’s presence, we will find our breakthrough and strength. If you place God at the center of everything you do, His presence will always move in and through your life. We should always be where God’s presence is for no one besides God holds our future.

We should be careful not to get so familiar with God’s presence and have the mindset that we can control how His presence moves (1. Sam.4:13). It will cause us to miss the presence of God entirely. All our focus should be to have God’s presence in our lives at all times, for it will make the impossible possible. 

We can’t determine when we want God’s presence in our lives, for God’s presence doesn’t fit our comfort (1. Chron. 13:1-14). He wants to be part of all of who you are. God’s presence comes with a weight to carry for the benefit of the body of Christ (2. Sam. 6:6), and with every step we take, in the presence of God, we should inquire God, for we can’t live in the presence of God without the weight connected to it. To have God’s presence in your life will please God, and He will bless all aspects of your life (2. Sam. 6:11). 

This blog comes from the sermon titled “Presence (Part 2)” by David Grobler