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presence (part 3)

God desires to have a close personal relationship with you, and in God’s presence, He will reveal Himself to you. When you surrender yourself to God, you make room for God’s presence to enter your life, for God’s presence sets you apart. In all aspects of our lives, we need the presence of God. 

When we get used to God’s presence, we will miss what God wants to do in our lives, and the moment we want to control His presence, we stop growing in our relationship with Him. We shouldn’t lose the presence of God to gain the attention of men. We should continuously seek God’s presence and surrender our lives to Him (Jer. 29:13). 

In God’s presence, we will be reminded of what God has done for us, for it will remind us of where we are going (Jn. 14:26). When an individual is strengthened in Christ, it benefits the body of Christ. Christianity is limited without Christ’s body, for your way will make no way for the presence of God (Acts. 7:51). The more we believe that we can win on our own ability, the more it leads us further away from the presence of God. 

To get to where you want to go, you need to stay in God’s presence for an encounter with God will draw you closer to Him. God needs to be in every step we take, for He will never leave us nor forsake us (Heb. 13:5). 

This blog comes from the sermon titled “Presence (Part 3)” by David Grobler