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presence (part 4)

God doesn’t hide His presence from us, for He gives us a choice to seek Him out. God’s presence in our lives is a sign to an unbelieving world of God’s favor, and when we walk in the presence of God, we start to look different to the people surrounding us. 

To live a surrendered life unto God is allowing God to pour out His favor on us for the favor of God in our lives is not because of our connections, it’s because of God’s presence. God’s favor is more than His blessing. It’s His presence. God’s favor is the power that changes things for us, and as God’s presence is surrounding us, so is His favor. 

When we are only chasing the favor, it’s easy to leave the presence when we’ve received the blessing. We should always see ourselves wrapped in God’s presence to know we live in His favor. God’s presence in us moves us to a place where we get spiritual understanding and all wisdom. 

When we have left God’s presence, we should run back to the presence of God, for He will speak into our circumstances and lead us in the right direction. Being in God’s presence allows us to testify the possibility of the impossible made possible in other people’s lives for God’s presence is essential to our walk with God.

This blog comes from the sermon titled “Presence (Part 4)” by David Grobler