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The gift of prophecy gives you the ability to hear God and interpret God’s perfect will for a specific moment. Prophecy is not a gift used to foretell the future but to edify, exhort, and comfort.

God had given the prophet Amos the duty of preaching to the kingdom of Israel that, if they failed to obey God’scommandments and turn themselves from their evil ways, they would be judged by God (Amos 7:4). As God sent Amos as God’s voice into the kingdom to shake it, they chased him away (Amos 7:12). Often, we chase God out of our circumstances because we feel more comfortable in our dysfunction than to implement change. 

We do not have to run to the prophets to hear the voice of God, for God sent Amos to the kingdom. God will send a voice to speak into our circumstances. We should recognize God’s voice and not chase him out. As we seek God’s kingdom, all things shall be added unto us without needing to chase after gifts and false kingdoms (Matt. 6:33).