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Prophets and Prophecy

Prophecy does not fall within the realm of logic, and it is possible to be aware of the supernatural while not stepping into the fullness of it. Often, we will experience inner conflict between being a spiritual person and experiencing natural fleshly emotions. We should continuously pursue seeking wisdom from God before submitting to the ways of this world.

The Bible tells us about two different types of wisdom in the life of a believer. Both kinds have tremendous power, but man’s wisdom leads to chaos and a despicable manner of living. Conversely, the wisdom of God leads to good fruits and the building up of others. Wisdom is the ability to apply knowledge, and as Christians, we have a choice to choose between walking in the understanding of this world or the knowledge of God. 

The supernatural ability to predict the future leaves all people curious about their tomorrow. There will always be hope and an expectancy inside people to hear a word of good news no matter if it is Godly or not. The desire to hear from people about their future should not overrule scriptural understanding, and by spending time in God’s presence, we will learn to discern and believe God’s voice speaking into our lives. 

God called prophets to function in this world as vessels that speak the word of God, but any word of prophecy shouldn’t outweigh God’s word. Our ability to discern between the voice of God and this world’s wisdom will separate us and mature us for the potion God has destined us to fulfill.