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Often we adjust ourselves to embrace the world’s convictions so that we can be accepted and liked by them. But, as Christians, our relationship with God should be evident to the public even though they disapprove of how Christians live their life. 

The flesh pursues the attention of man, but as we submit our lives to Christ, we are empowered to resist the limitations and lusts of the flesh. We are made in the perfect image of Christ, and the more we conform to His image, the more we publicly display the goodness and faithfulness of God to the world. 

God laid the responsibility on all Christians to bring the written Word of God to the public. At times, being confronted with choosing how we display this revelation,  will cause us to sacrifice the desires  of the flesh to gain the attention of heaven. We need to represent the kingdom of God on the earth more accurately, and while being kingdom ambassadors, we are adding to His Kingdom daily.

This blog comes from the sermon titled “Public Me” by David Grobler