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Start. Middle. End.

Life is best lived through the lens of purpose. Through our decisions we offer our lives either as vessels of honour or dishonour within the Kingdom (2 Tim. 2:21), and the moment you walk according to His Word, God positions you to start walking in your purpose. 

To step into your full potential, you need a greater vision than the weight of your history. In the absence of vision, people reset back onto what they know, but God has destined us to walk in divine purpose, and the moment the devil succeeds in distracting us from what is not, we’ll lose the ability to pursue what is. For what has our attention pulls us in that direction.  

On the journey of pursuing God, somewhere in the middle, we shouldn’t adjust our walk to fit the label of the world (Acts 8:22), for it is in the middle we make decisions that will determine our future. Each step you take is a sign of your intent, and as Christians, we shouldn’t change our walk to align with the world, but rather align our actions with His Word (Luke 14:24). Faith should pull us into the hope God has set before us for our actions are a sign of our faith in God (Heb. 11:1).We shouldn’t be concern about our journey in the middle, for God is in control. On our journey, we should keep our eyes focused on God, for He will show us the way, and He is leading us surely to a good and desirable end. 

This blog comes from the sermon titled “START. MIDDLE. END.” by David Grobler