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Such a time as This

God is involved in every small detail of our life. Everything we have is from God and serves the call of God on our lives. God’s Kingdom benefits from what He entrusted unto us, and often it’s challenging to sacrifice what we have to walk in that purpose. 

Every individual in the body of Christ has something that adds to the kingdom. Esther’s beauty opened a door for her to live in the palace (Esth. 2:17), and she becomes the queen of Persia. When events seemed out of control for Mordecai the moment the king dictated ruin for their people (Esth. 3:6), Ester was confronted with choosing between losing her soul and winning the world by sacrificing the life she always desired heeding to the purpose of God (Esth. 4:1-17). 

The things we have are not only for us but also for God’s use for His sovereign plan. God used Esther’s beauty to be used as a vessel in the palace for a specific purpose beyond her natural understanding. Perhaps the things and the talents we have are not a coincidence but God’s provision to be used for a time such as this.

We should use one another’s capacities and talents to make the kingdom of God thrive, for he who saves himself will lose his life, but he who loses himself for God will be saved and will live in the fullness of God (Matt. 16:25).

This blog comes from the sermon titled “Such a Time As This” by David Grobler