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In Matthew 25, Jesus shares the parable of the talents, teaching us a profound lesson about stewardship and the fight for breakthrough.

It is paramount to understand that everything we have is a gift from God. We are stewards entrusted with managing the talents bestowed upon us. The parable challenges us to recognise what we consider ‘a lot’ and what God might view as ‘few.’ It’s about capacity and ability—our God-given potential.

The mindset of a one-talent person versus a five-talent person is starkly different. The former may be opinionated, critical, and prone to complaints. God, however, expects us to perform according to our abilities, and the parable prompts us to examine our response.
For the one-talent person, it’s a call to action. Faith is not just about words; it’s about pairing faith with works. Speaking ourselves out of our miracles through negative self-talk and doubt is counterproductive. Instead, we are called to embody faith through diligent effort and commitment.

In the pursuit of breakthrough, it’s crucial to minimise opinions and cultivate a spirit of curiosity, asking more questions. The mindset that governs how we approach anything is indicative of how we handle everything. Whether small or large, every task becomes an opportunity to showcase our faith in action.

The fight for breakthrough is not just about wishing for change; it’s about actively engaging in the process. God expects us to put in the work, utilising our talents and capacities to the best of our ability. As we fight for breakthrough, let us remember that faith without works is incomplete, and through the stewardship of our God-given gifts, we position ourselves for the miraculous.