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the flow

As Christians, we cannot live without the flow of the Holy Spirit in our lives. The Spirit brings life, and through Him, we have the power and authority to walk in the fullness of God.

Being filled with the Holy Spirit, Jesus was led into the wilderness but was able to resist the devil’s temptation through the power of the Spirit. The Holy Spirit will sustain us through every season, for He brings the written word of God alive, and we need to desire and want to have a close relationship with Him to experience the flow of the Holy Spirit. 

There needs to be a thirst and hunger for the flow of the Holy Spirit within our hearts. We are to pursue righteousness, to walk in the perfect will of God, as one shall be determined to satisfy the desires of the flesh. We are filled with the Spirit to the extent that we allow the Spirit to influence our lives and lead us through all circumstances.

Everyone who believes in God will be filled with living waters, for He is the source of our breakthrough, for it is crucial to be filled with the Spirit of God. The Kingdom of God is within us, and as we conform to the world’s desire, we interrupt the flow of God through our lives.

This blog comes from the sermon titled “The Flow” by David Grobler