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The Holy Spirit in Experience

There is a supernatural experience connected to an encounter with the Holy Spirit, and the moment His presence manifests through us, we become witnesses of the goodness of God. 

The Holy Spirit enables us to experience the supernatural here on the earth while teaching us to be authentic and true to who God destined us to be. God is holy, and He demands holiness of those who proclaim His Name, and as we lay our lives down before God, He will manifest His presence through us. 

As we encounter the Holy Spirit, we become vessels to represent God’s amen and manifest His supernatural here on the earth. All believers are meant to experience and have the Holy Spirit alongside them. The move of the Spirit in our lives is for the benefit and glorification of the body of Christ, and the working of the gifts is to turn a generation back to God and not for the boasting of self.

Our experience of the Holy Spirit in our lives should be a testimony to the world, and we should continue to seek and experience God in everything we do so that we carry the light of Jesus Christ within us for all to see. 

This blog comes from the sermon titled “The Holy Spirit in Experience” by David Grobler