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the making of you

Through every season of our lives, we go through different circumstances that make us who we are today. God’s hand is upon us, and as we endure through every season, His anointing will transform our lives for the calling He created us to live and walk in. 

Although we have dreams, visions, and directions we have planned for our lives, we will go through different circumstances and seasons that will redirect us back to the plans of God. We will experience disappointments or disruptions that may not make sense to us in certain seasons, but God’s grace and mercy will carry us through for His bigger and better purpose for our lives. God allows us to go through different seasons to teach us to handle the weight of the calling He has for our lives.

God called us for greater, and His plans are not to deprive us of good things. God’s anointing and favor rest on the calling He desired and destined for us to walk and live in, and so we will miss the blessings and our divine calling of God if we choose our own direction. We should continuously trust and have faith that the good work God has started within us will come to pass.

This blog comes from the sermon titled “Your Move” by David Grobler