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Too Much for You (Part. 2)

God can still use us even though we experience hardship, difficulty, and doubt. The trials and tribulations of life shouldn’t influence our faith. 

God called Elijah, and had a divine plan for his life. Simultaneously, Elijah experienced the flesh being fearful, exhausted, depressed, and scared. As God was in the midst of Elijah’s hardships, stewarding Him, He is with us today. While pressure increases in life, our role as Christians and faith in God should remain unshakeable. Through every difficult season, our humanity doesn’t stop God from working through us to bring His divine plan into fulfilment. 

God’s grace carries us through all circumstances of life, and by surrendering our lives to Christ, our faith in Him produces endurance. As we experience mental exhaustion by fighting our battles, God’s strength is made perfect through our weaknesses. God is in the midst of every storm, and as we go through difficult circumstances, He is working all things for our good. 

God made way for Elijah, even though he couldn’t see a way out. With God, all things are possible, and as we lean on Him to carry us through, He’ll show us the way even though we can’t see beyond our limitations.

This blog comes from the sermon titled “Too Much For You (Part.2)” by David Grobler