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We continuo with the Half Truth Series. Everyone has an angle on truth. The query of truth comes through the ages and even in Biblical times. Pontius Pilate asked what is truth? He was putting Jesus on trial; therefore, he was placing Truth on trial.

There is only one way to the truth, and it is not a road. Jesus is the only way; He is the door. When the Bible speaks of the devil tempting Jesus, it can be understood as attempted. He didn’t tempt Jesus; he merely tried or attempted to.

Science is only a glimpse of what we currently know exists. Jesus is the complete revelation of truth. He is truth. Therefore, He is the standard that we should measure truth against. Subjective truth is not the real truth. We cannot force our truth to fit into the actual truth. It would be like trying to fit a square into a circle. It wasn’t made to fit.

If truth must only be good, then bad news can’t be truth. We are permanently measuring whether what is happening around us is true or not. If truth is only what feels good, it will lead you into hell because sin feels good.

When you start counting the cost of truth, the truth becomes more difficult. Scripture says that we should abide in God, that we may bear much fruit. If you are not in the word, you are not in truth.

It is important to understand the fundamental truths of Christianity. When we determine what is true, we determine the direction. Therefore, we need to follow Jesus, Who is truth.

This blog comes from the sermon titled “Truth” by David Grobler