How to ensure you find your fit
Visit at least three uGroups before you settle on the one.
Schedule a meeting with your uGroup leader and Area Leader to learn all you can.
Ask every question that you can think of, we want you to understand and feel at home.
Through prayer and consideration:
Get connected, Start growing, Start serving, Start living

All Authentic All Original

what you get
The Unite Way

We believe that every person has a God given puspose and great potential, placed there by God, for His pleasure. The Unite180 uGroups creates a place where people can find their fit, a place where we have created an environment designed to pull on their gifts, and a place where what you have can serve to inspire others to reach higher.

The Unite180 uGroups platform is based on a Biblical model where each person is actively engaged in an authentic and orginal Christ-like lifestyle.

A Final Word On Our Method

The uGroup leader is your first point of contact in Unite180. The area leader is there to support the uGroup leader in helping you on this journey. Our Pastors assist them in return to be efficient at this task, all to eventually ensure you are moving forward in your walk with God.

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