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When a crisis hits, the key to stability is to focus on the unshakeable truth of God. Our promise as Christians is not that we will miss the difficult seasons, but rather that we will come through those seasons differently. 

It’s difficult to understand why we go through tough circumstances in life. Jesus refers to us as wheat, being a good seed in the field. (Matt. 13:24) The bible teaches us wheat and tares grow together (Matt. 13:36). Experiencing the same seasons and storms. Our job is to persevere in these storms, and remain the wheat, even when the pressure intensifies. That we would not be overwhelmed by the tares, and the weeds. That we would not conform to the world around us. 

Even if you feel pressure or anxiety rising in your soul, you should know you are destined to survive this. At the end of each troubling season, the righteousness of God shines through your testimony. It’s not always easy to pull yourself together when your emotions get the best of you, but with God’s help, He will strengthen you (Is. 41:10). Jesus is our advocate, and much as he prayed for His disciples to survive their seasons, he is fighting for you to survive yours. He knows you; he cares for you and loves. You. 

This, too, shall pass. Remain faithful in the Lord your God, for His kingdom is unshakeable.  

This blog comes from the sermon titled
“Unshakeable” by David Grobler