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Often, we find ourselves overwhelmed by circumstances, unable to see the grandeur of God’s plan because we are confined to our own ways. It’s a reminder that if a dream is not bigger than us, it may not be God’s design. Are we dreaming small to please those around us, or are we willing to endure the cost to attain the dream?

Life is a journey marked by ups and downs—a rhythm beautifully articulated in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. The hills and valleys are not hindrances; they are the essential terrain that shapes our growth and eventual success. Attempting to avoid the highs and lows only prolongs the journey, for navigating these challenges builds up momentum and allows us to succeed.

Matthew 25 underscores the importance of being good and faithful both in the highs and lows. Many stories throughout Scripture invite us to reflect on the tags we identify with. We must recognise that our past or present circumstances do not determine our identity.

The story of Jacob is a great example of someone who faced multiple ups and downs throughout life. Each phase, including the challenges faced in Genesis 29:15, contributes to the broader narrative of God’s plan for our lives. The pivotal moment in Genesis 32, where Jacob wrestles with God, illustrates the struggle and growth inherent in our journey.

Embracing the ups and downs requires a perspective rooted in faith. Life’s rollercoaster is not a hindrance but a training ground for resilience and character development. Just as seasons change, so do life’s phases; in each turn, we find opportunities for growth, learning, and drawing closer to the divine purpose set before us.