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Upper Room

All around the world, people travel great distances to various religious monuments, looking for a way to possibly connect them to the divine. We all have an innate desire for the presence of God. But, just like the Samaritan woman at the well, we can meet Jesus face-to-face and not realize that we’re having an encounter with God (John 4:4-26). 

Sometimes God is pulling at the strings of our hearts, and we’re inaccurately trying to perceive what He’s doing through the cultural lens of our day. We try to hear God, but what we grew up in limits our understanding of what He can do. We want God to do something in our lives, but we also want to dictate how He should do it. 

The reason the Samaritan woman couldn’t have what Jesus was offering to her, was because she first had to deal with the stuff in her life that was wrong. In order for her to experience the presence of God, He had to correct her perspective about life and break down the religious system that was limiting her. 

God is looking for true worshipers to worship Him in Spirit and in truth (John 4:23-24). There is no longer a physical temple where the presence of God is kept. Jesus is the temple that was rebuilt, and if we worship Him who is the temple, He makes our bodies His temple, and His presence dwells within us. If we hunger and thirst for the presence of God, we will be filled (Matthew 5:6). 

This blog comes from the sermon titled “Upper Room” by David Grobler